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Wet wipes are made of nonwoven spun-lace fabric or paper moistened with some liquid like water or isopropyl alcohol depending on the applications. Manufacturers usually fold wipes in a box dispenser or pocket-size package.

Wet wipes can serve to clean toilet seats, floors, and other. You can use wipes in a personal hygiene practice at service stations, in restaurants, in doctors’ offices, etc.

Some wipes are previously soaked fiber sponges with water. They are ready to use as a convenient option to toilet paper, as an alternative to communal showers, and other hygiene products. Such wipes are convenient solutions to dispose of dirt and may contain many active substances for a specific intended use.

Industrial-strength wet wipes are made of high-performance fabric moistened with powerful cleaning fluids. They have the ability to clean from tools and hands grime, grease poly foam, and more.

So, wet wipes may help you with many situations. Let’s begin with our wipes type page.

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