Pampers Sensitive Wipes Dry Out in Our Wipe Warmer

It didn’t take long to realize that there were a few things our newborn baby did not like. One is being naked, one is getting a bath, and the third is cold diaper wipes. She really threw a fit when we changed her diapers and cleaned her up with disposable diaper wipes. Trying to warm them up between the hands didn’t work, so we resorted to buying a machine that warms the wipes for us.

We thought this was the answer to our prayers, and the machine worked wonderfully until we filled it with a package of Pampers Sensitive Wipes. We are wasting so many of these wipes, because at each diaper change the first two wipes come out of the container almost completely dry! They are too dry to do any cleaning with and are so useless we have to throw them away.

Pampers Sensitive Wipes come in their own 64 count tub with an oval hole in the top that you thread the wipes through. The lid has a handy button that you push down to flip it open. So far so good. The front of the container says these Pampers Sensitive Wipes are “Clinically proven mild”. It also states that they are hypoallergenic and free of any perfumes.

Our hospital sent us home with a small package of Pampers Wipes, so I believe it when the back of the box says these have been tested at a top ten children’s hospital in the United States, and they were shown to “Maintain the healthy look of a newborns skin”. They are supposed to be mild for a babies delicate skin, and they really do seem to bear out those claims.

The wipes themselves are generously sized, measuring seven inches square, and they are very thick and have a cotton fabric feel to them. When used straight from their original container, they seem to have enough moisture to get the job done, but when we add them to our wipe warming machine, they just don’t perform as well. With baby wipes being so expensive, and newborns diapers being changed so often, it is a real waste that I have to throw out the first two Pampers Sensitive Wipes because they come out of the wipe warmer dry. It is a waste of my hard earned money.

I do feel that Pampers Sensitive Wipes are indeed a good choice for a baby who has more delicate skin, or even some kind of allergy. However, I was really shocked that the wipes didn’t perform as well in the diaper wipe warmer as our Huggies Wipes did. That was really very disappointing.

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