ArmorAll Wipes for Vehicles

ArmorAll makes cleaning products for both the exterior and interior of your vehicle. The wipes that they make are for glass, cleaning, protecting, leather, and ultra shine. Each can have 25 wipes. The cans guaranteed to remain moist while in the can.

The Glass wipes create a crystal clear and streak-free shine. They are great for removing streaks, fingerprints, road grime, and bugs. The wipes are ammonia free and safe to use. Very hot or cold temperatures can affect the use of the wipes. It is best if applied to a cool surface. The wipes will feel slightly dry to the touch. It is recommended to keep a can with the lid closed in your vehicle.

Protectant wipes are used to protect and preserve your vehicles rich look. It helps prevent cracking and fading of paint. It helps to add a better shine to your vehicle. It will revitalize rubber, vinyl, and plastic. It is lint free and won’t streak or leave a greasy residue.

Cleaning wipes are great for the whole car. They are similar to dust wipes that you use in your home. they are great for the dash, carpet, floor mats, leather, and seat belt buckles. They provide a natural matte finish for your vehicle. They are great for quick cleaning on beverage spills.

Leather wipes are great for treated leather in your vehicle. Many times these are great to use even your home. They have a chemical that not only cleans but helps to restore your leather look. Do to slipperiness, they should not be used on the bench or motorcycle seats. This product is designed only for leather, not buckskin, suede, or fabric.

Exterior To Go wipes are new to the market. They contain carnauba wax. This helps to remove unwanted smears, bugs, grease, oil and helps add a nice shine to your vehicle. These wipes are excellent for removing things that can end up being harmful to the paint on your vehicle.

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