Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes

Alcohol wipes have an increasing demand these days due to the growing interest in improving hygiene, health care and the need for fighting against diseases. Isopropyl alcohol wipes are effective for all purpose cleaning and degreasing. Most of these wipes contain 99% pure isopropyl alcohol and it will be in presaturated form. This alcohol is different from the one which is contained in wine and beer.

Each wipes contains an optimal amount of solvent for the cleaning purpose. It is very effective in situations where you can’t find soap or water to clean your hands. They are good for fighting infection and these wipes will kill all bacteria on the skin surface. It prevents all microbes from entering the body tissue. Alcohol wipes are effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, fungi and yeast.

Isopropyl Alcohol wipes can be used on a wide variety of surfaces. They are very effective for sanitizing surfaces. It is good for cleaning your door handles, computer keyboards, telephones, tape recorder heads, laptop’s LCD screen and office items etc. They are available in a wide variety of packages and sizes that suits your needs. They are portable, usable and easily disposable.

The wipes are even used for industrial cleaning mainly for surface preparation prior to adhesive bonding. They are also used in clinics instead of bottled alcohol and cotton. It is a very effective antiseptic topical skin cleanser for preparing your skin prior to the insertion of an IV, drawing blood, or an IM injection. They are also used for cleaning thermometers.
Isopropyl Alcohol is also safe to use on most of the plastics. They are also good for removal of fluxes, light oils, soil, dirt, inks and oxides.

Isopropyl Alcohol wipes are also available in individual sachets which makes it convenient for you to use when you are travelling. These wipes help to fight against many diseases which mainly spreads through your hands and keeps your hand always clean. They are also not that expensive and provides ultimate solution for your cleaning needs. They are widely used in hospitals, clinics, homes, restaurants and offices.

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