Alcohol Free Baby Wipes

Alcohol free baby wipes are specially designed for gentle cleansing and care of baby skin. These baby wipes are available in different packages like flat pack tubs and pop-up canisters which are really comfortable for use. It’s really good to wipe your baby with these alcohol free wipes before and after each diaper change, during feeding time and after their play time. They are also gentle enough to clean your baby’s face and hands. These extra absorbent wipes contain antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which protects your baby from germs. They are very strong in absorbing water and smear. They provide a good cleansing effect along by retaining the skin’s natural moisture balance.

There are alcohol free baby wipes with different fragrances which stay for a long time. There are a wide variety of fragrances in these wipes like lemon, chamomile, lavender, aloevera, choco milk, melon etc. It will leave your baby’s skin refreshed with a clean scent for a long time and also prevents the occurrence of rashes on their skin. It soothens them and make them feel comfortable. It will not irritate the baby’s tender skin. They also have a good PH balance. They are hypoallergenic as well as biodegradeable. They are also chlorine free.

Most of the baby wipes are also made of flush-able material which can be easily disposed after use. Some of the baby wipes have flip tops and it’s very easy to open and close after each use. They are even available in convenient packages for both home and outdoor usage. They are available in refill pack, cannister, containers and tubs

Baby wipes that contain aloevera will provide more nourishment and moisture for your baby’s skin. They are even used by adults. There are also unscented baby wipes available in the market if you don’t prefer any fragrance on the wipes. Most of these wipes are microbiologically tested to ensure perfect hygiene. Alcohol free baby wipes doesn’t cause any toxic effect on the skin. They are even good for new born babies. Alcohol free baby wipes are therefore a good addition in your baby’s care kit.

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