Questions and Answers about Baby Wipes

–  Are the wet towels hygienic?
Yes. The Baby supplies hygienic wipes as they are wetted with distilled water just prior to its dispense.

–  What is the wet towel made of?
The paper towels are 100% biodegradable soft yet strong material which is safe for both grownups and baby’s skin.

–  What is the best way to clean up newborn babies during diaper changing?
Clean up newborn babies during a diaper changing depends on how messy it is. If the diaper area is relatively clean, you don’t have to put a powder or cream on the baby’s bottom, but it is always recommended to treat the baby with wet wipes in order to maintain baby hygiene.
Of course that if the newborn baby’s bottom needs cleaning, it is more than recommended to add wet wipes. Most paper towels and wipes are safe to baby’s skin and will not cause irritations. When using baby wipes, make sure that those paper towels and wipes are alcohol-free.

–  I’m afraid that the chemicals in baby wipes hurt my baby’s bottom and make his diaper rash worse.
Fear not, because our baby wipes are chemical free and made of 100% natural fiber. As so, these wipes are absolutely safe to use on even the most sensitive skin. Diaper rash can happen for many reasons, some of them due to over-rubbing of diaper area or simply as a result of bad care of baby hygiene.

–  What’s the best way to treat diaper rash?
First of all, baby hygiene is something which you should seriously look after. Make sure your baby stays clean and dry by frequently changing his diaper. While changing, it is recommended to treat newborn babies with warm wet wipes in order to enhance baby hygiene. Nevertheless, it is recommended to rinse the diaper area well at each diaper change. In case of serious diaper rash, use a soothing ointment after changing and wiping. There are many other baby care products and baby hygiene products you can use as well.

·  Is the Baby Freshmate available in baby stores or baby depot?
No. the Baby Freshmate is not available in baby stores or in baby depot. In baby stores and baby depot consist of many different baby products, newborn baby care products, baby gifts and other baby gear, but the unique Baby Freshmate is only available in this online store.

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