Choosing the Right Wipes and Wipe Warmer for Your Baby

Changing a diaper is one of the very first tasks a new parent has to get to grips with (and it certainly takes some time to get used to). When first looking at the shop shelves for the right gear to help you out, you soon see a wide range of baby-wipes and wipe-warmers, designed to help parents – while claiming a wide variety of benefits.

You need to consider the chemical ingredients inserted into ordinary wipes, the efficiency of the wipe and the cost of each use. You should also considered the effect using the wipes had on baby’s skin and the effect of using the wipes on the environment.

Ordinary Wet Wipe vs Baby Wipes


Ordinary Wipes

Ideal Baby Wipes

Temperature Cold Warm / cold (optional)
Environment Non-degradable Earth friendly 100% organic, biodegradable, flushable
Humidity Tends to dry out Applied straight before use
Chemicals Mostly chemical ingredients 100% chlorine, latex, chemicals, and dye Free.
Wipe Size Standard Adjustable wipe-length
Cost Expensive Economic & cost effective
Allergen Protection Depends on manufacturer Hypoallergenic & alcohol-free
Wipe Extraction Usually come out together (need 1 get 3…) Separate & rolled wipes (just press a button)
Other Uses Designed for diaper changing

Also safe for baby’s hands face & eyes

What about wipe warmers?

Well, if you’re still not convinced, keep in mind that beyond the fact that wipe warmers are unsafe and tend to leak and dry the wipe, they also use ordinary wet wipes (as shown in the table above), is that what you really want for your baby…?

Good warmer features a water tank which heats water separately. Wipes should not contact water or moist prior to extraction (which means that everything happens at the moment you press the button), preventing the browning or drying of wipes as a result of over-heating and maintaining sterility and hygiene. Warmer should not overheat, making it dangerous for a baby’s environment.

The wipe warmer also be used as:

  • An all purpose wet wipe
  • A handy solution for every little spill or stain around the house
  • An after meal ideal refresher
  • A quick solution for cleaning-up after a household pet
  • The housewife’s favorite assistant
  • A soft & gentle make-up remover
  • An alternative for dirty rags lying around the house
  • Great for dusting and cleaning
  • Excellent for cocktail parties and entertaining guests
  • An instant refresher after home workout
  • An ideal baby shower gift

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