Is Alcohol Wipes Safe for Babies and Kids

Is it safe?

The fear of contacting COVID-19 coronavirus has necessitated the use of antimicrobial wipes in everyday life. Alcohol wipes are an effective option when hand washing is not available.

But when it comes to a baby skin its more than many times gentle and soft when compared to an adult and needs proper care than any other skin do. Every time a room is prepared for a baby, almost all are careful enough to make choices that bring in a friendly environment for the baby, free from toxins or any potential hazards. Same is the case for baby care products, any and every product or accessory used for the baby needs to quality the baby care standards.there is no point in using something that is not meant for baby, whatever it is and create trouble for your toddler.

The answer to the question “Is Alcohol Wipes Safe for Babies and Kids?” is a big NO. You can’t use any wipes, which got alcohol in it. Alcohol on baby skin can create issues and never need to be advocated. In fact you cant even use just alcohol free wipes, you need to be using something like a baby wipes. Why i say this is, even if you chose to get alcohol free wipes, you can most of the designed for adult usage, might contain other harmful chemical like chlorine, used for whitening or chemical fragrances. What you must use on your baby is, baby wipes.

What to do?

Use non-alcoholic sanitizing baby wipes, like Babyganics. It has natural ingredients, safe for babies, and smells modestly of citrus essential oil.

A non-alcohol based hand sanitizing wipes are especially good for sensitive skin like a baby’s. These contain aloe leaf juice, glycerin and vitamin E.

The Babyganics wipes are fairly large, won’t tear easily. They are great for hands and I use them instead of traditional hand sanitizer.

How to protect kids from coronavirus?

Fortunately, very few children have been diagnosed with coronavirus. And most of infected have had only mild cases – read the faq from CDC.

But what do you need to know  to keep your children safe? To protect them, you need to do the same as for anybody.

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