Review: Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, Your Cleaning Solution!!

A clean house, it is something we all want. Have you ever found that it is hard to find time to clean the house, or to do it effectively when time is short? I may have found a solution for you.
I have tried many different household cleaning wipes. I have not been satisfied with most of them, They leave streaks or a soapy residue or just don’t clean well. I have not been happy with a cleaning wipe until now.

Clorox disinfecting wipes are an absolutely wonderful product. I originally bought them due to my concern about the flu virus. The container said “kills cold amp; flu viruses”. So I thought that if I used the wipes to wipe appliances, doorknobs, etc. that get a lot of hand traffic it would help kill the germs if they were brought home, that was my intent.

Due to the spread of COVID19 coronavirus and high demand, there is a significant shortage of products, so we also recommend considering the following analogues:

During my plight to keep the cold and flu virus away I found that this product does an exceptional job of cleaning. I have used Clorox disinfecting wipes in fresh scent and lemon fresh scent. These come in large containers of 75 wipes per container. My local Wal-Mart carries these in a two pack for $8.57. For the amount of cleaning I can do with the two canisters and how well they clean I feel this is a very good value for my money. I used these for appliances and they clean the smudges, food etc. right off and the appliances shine. There is no soapy residue or streaking left behind and no soapy build up. One wipe will actually clean several appliances. I also found that they took the yellowing that is caused by cigarette smoking off the appliances.

I also used these on the tiles on my bathroom ceiling and what a difference they made. I had a bunch of spots that the flies left on the ceiling and the wipes cleaned it right off with no scrubbing and even diminished some of the yellowing in the tiles. I was able to use one wipe for several tiles.

I have now used these for everything including appliances, my ceiling and around window frames and I am very pleased with the job they do.

These come in plastic canisters that seal tight, the wipes stay moist with no drying out, and the canisters are easily stackable. The wipes are a good size, they are relatively thick and very moist but not dripping wet so that they leave a mess behind or over saturate. The wipes smell great. Both the fresh scent and the lemon fresh scent offer and clean fresh scent with no bleach smell, don’t let the name Clorox fool you, these do not smell like bleach.

Due to the spread of COVID19 coronavirus and high demand, there is a significant shortage of products, so we also recommend considering the following analogues:

These have cut my cleaning time way down and made cleaning so much easier, now I just go through and wipe everything down real quick each day with no scrubbing and everything is clean and the house smells fresh.

I cannot guarantee that they kill cold and flu viruses but I can say that in my household we have been very lucky so far and even with four children in public school we have not had illnesses this winter.

If you want a clean house but time is an issue give these a try because they make cleaning so much easier, and even if you have the time for cleaning try them anyway because they do a super job!!

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