Toilet Paper or Wipes?

I almost couldn’t believe the title myself. Surely she isn’t going to write about such a thing, is she? That’s not the sort of thing people talk about in public places. Well that may be so, but my fingers to my keyboard doesn’t constitute talking to me. And if you read it, you’re technically not talking about it either.
In all seriousness, if you go into the store these days, you will see the regular tissue or toilet paper and then you’ll see various kinds of wipes. No, not baby wipes. Not even the Kan-Doo wipes for young children. I’m talking about wipes for completely potty trained adults. The most common brand I’ve seen is Charmin Fresh Mates. You might wonder why an adult needs a cleansing wipe. Surely they learned how to clean themselves good when they were young. Has tissue all of a sudden become not good enough?

It’s not that tissue isn’t good enough, although you might use quite a bit of it until you feel like you’ve cleaned yourself good enough. There is a plus to using the adult wipes. For one, they are flushable so you can dispose of them just like you would do tissue. And they aren’t meant to replace the use of tissue (unless you want them to for personal use, of course). The purpose of these cleansing wipes is to give you a better clean that leaves you feeling fresh. Let’s face it, some tissue can be a bit abrasive. Unless you buy the soft tissue like Charmin or Cottonelle, the others are hard for wiping an area that can be sensitive. Plus, the softer rolls of toilet paper seem to be the ones that run out the quickest.

Charmin Fresh Mates are premoistened wipes which not only make cleansing easier, it is also soothing to the skin. You can feel confident that you are as clean as you would be if you’d washed with soap and water. The blue and white containers the regular packs come in are colored to match most bathroom decors. They even come in refillable packs that you can take with you on the go. With their flexweave texture, Charmin Fresh Mates are said to be stronger than other brands of wipes which may tear easily.

Some adults may prefer to stick with what they’ve been using for years which is regular toilet paper, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But I haven’t heard any complaints from those who prefer to use wipes instead. I’m sure Charmin doesn’t mind whether you choose to just buy their tissue or switch to buying their Charmin Fresh Mates. I personally think both are very good products. The fresh mates are convenient and refreshing while the tissue is sqeezably soft.

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