Review: Huggies Naturally Refreshing Baby Wipes

Our youngest daughter (who is still in diapers) recently started running low on baby wipes. Since my wife had to run to the store anyway, she said she would pick them up.
I thought she would come home with our usual brand of wipes. Instead, she returned with something different; Huggies Naturally Refreshing Baby Wipes.

When I saw this, I wasn’t really sure what to think. The wipes were supposed to give our daughter the same feeling she would have right after a bath (something that I liked considering she can’t stay clean for a day) but, at the same time, we have tried her with different wipes in the past and the main reason we always go back to our regular brand is other brands seem to irritate her skin.

I ended up opening up the wipes almost right away because she ran out of her regular brand a short time later. I honestly couldn’t smell the cucumber and green tea scent the tub advertised. But, after using them, I could definitely tell a difference between these and other baby wipes.

One of the first things I noticed about them is they felt different than other wipes. Most baby wipes have a slimy feel to them (probably because of the lotion inside) that seems to stick to your fingers. These did not. They felt more like damp wash clothes.

So far, our daughter seems to like them. I’ve used them both while changing her diaper and just to clean her up after a particularly messy meal and, unlike with other brands of wipes, she doesn’t put up much of a fight. And, she does seem to be a bit more comfortable after using these than with our regular brand (especially now that it is hot outside and she sweats a lot).

Oh, I should also mention these wipes seem to do a better job cleaning her too. I can do as much with one of these wipes as I could with about three of our regular wipes.

Even more important is the fact they don’t irritate her skin. Again, we’ve had other brands (from well known companies) that would cause her to break out in a rash shortly after using them. I’m knocking on wood a bit but, so far, that has not happened with this particular product.

After trying the Huggies Naturally Refreshing baby wipes, I can honestly say I was impressed enough to buy them again. If you have a child who is still in diapers, I would recommend giving these a try.

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