Best Wipes Review 2020 – General Information


Antibacterial Wipes (click to see our review)

Antibacterial wipes clean up your hands and kill bacteria on them when water and soap are not handy. The wipes keep your and your family clean and are convenient for 10-second clean up after contact with sticky greasy dirt, germs, foods, and everyday messes. The best products have clinically proven antimicrobial effect. The wipes can be used anywhere, anytime: office, picnics, health club, nursery, workshop, etc. Sterile disinfecting wipes may be used for disinfecting medical instruments and treating wounds. They are often included for this purpose in first aid kits. Medical wet wipes include alcohol, chlorhexidine, or sporicidal substances and used to decrease a risk of infecting and spreading of some pathogens.

Wipes for Women (click to see our review)

In recent years women more and more worry about feminine hygiene. A survey by Mintel (British research firm) found that more than 25 percents of women had used feminine wipes in the past half a year.

Feminine hygiene and care products are often specially formulated to deal with vaginal discharge, menstruation, and other care concerns. Feminine wipes are safe and hypoallergenic cleansing cloths for cleaning the vaginal area and minimise odor for use during menstruation or every day.

There are many types of wipes used in the beauty routine: make-up removing, spot treatments, anti-acne products, etc. The wipes usually contain vitamins, salicylic acid, and other ingredients. Wipes are good for getting rid of the bulk of the makeup, reduce micellar water consumption and don’t stain the sink.

Spot treatments and anti-acne wipes kills the acne-causing bacteria, reduce inflammation, can be used on the face, neck, and body.

Cloth Wipes (click to see our review)

Cloth wipes create less landfill waste, are more cost-effective, and help to avoid using of chemicals and irritating soaps on delicate skin, especially for babies. Besides, cloth much better cleans poopy bums. It “grabs” the mess and cleans up the skin easier. In addition, cloth wipes keep your hands clean in contrast to thin disposable ones. Cloth wipes price points are in a range from luxury to free or dirt-cheap.

Cloth wipes usually come in cotton, cotton terry and velour, flannel. Before use, you can moisten them with purchased solutions, plain water, or water with coconut oil, soap, etc. You can find the best storage method: dry or wet, laid flat or folded, warmer or not.

Armor All Wipes

Armor All Wipes are well-known product for protecting and cleaning a variety of your car interior surfaces. They are easy to use, convenient and disposable. They include perfect glass cleaner wipes, the general cleaner, ultra shine, matte protectant, leather, air freshening and cleaning ones, etc.

I use the wipes instead of a spray or bottle of something because these things are easier to use and do not require a separate drying step. They clean really well, leave neither greasy leftover feel nor overpowering smell.

Special recommendations for Leather Seat Care & Cleaning Mopar Total Clean. They are great for preserving the leather upholstery. Leather seat Armor All wipes easily remove stubborn soils without soaking your leather with any liquid.

Rust Recolor Wipes

ReColor Wipes are made in the USA by Wipe New. Wipes restore plastic, stone, vinyl and other surfaces to the original color without messy paint drips, overspray or brush marks. It provides the excellent and long-lasting results result in just minutes and is much cheaper than paint, provides corrosion and UV protection. You just wash the surface and apply the ReColor stuff. It withstands sun and rain and lasts for years. The wipes can be used on a slate table, faded metal patio chairs, vinyl shutters and even on a car paint. The only problem is the odor, I would recommend wearing gloves and mask.

Pet Wipes

Plain wet wipes are not a good choice for your cat and dog’s paws and even can be dangerous. Many of them have propylene glycol which is toxic if animals lick it out from their feet. Many wipes brands, even when they are “for sensitive skin”, contain propylene glycol, which is a skin conditioner.

Wipes for dogs and cats are lightly fragranced and usually moistened with water, acetic acid, and boric acid. Sometimes the formula includes vitamin E, aloe vera, etc. The best pet wipes are veterinarian approved. They support healthy skin, helps balance it’s pH, help to remove dirt and allergens from their haircoat and skin.

Small animal wipes are declared as safe for the pets but sometimes have too strong odors. I believe, wipes for dogs and cats are healthier products in comparison to small animals ones. Therefore, “all natural dog wipes” are preferable to the “small animal” or “bunny” ones.
Today one can find wet wipes for pet care, for example, eye, ear, or dental cleansing pads (with boric acid, potassium chloride, zinc sulfate, sodium borate) for dogs, cats, horses, and birds.

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