Review: Huggies Naturally Refreshing Baby Wipes

Our youngest daughter (who is still in diapers) recently started running low on baby wipes. Since my wife had to run to the store anyway, she said she would pick them up.
I thought she would come home with our usual brand of wipes. Instead, she returned with something different; Huggies Naturally Refreshing Baby Wipes.

When I saw this, I wasn’t really sure what to think. The wipes were supposed to give our daughter the same feeling she would have right after a bath (something that I liked considering she can’t stay clean for a day) but, at the same time, we have tried her with different wipes in the past and the main reason we always go back to our regular brand is other brands seem to irritate her skin.

I ended up opening up the wipes almost right away because she ran out of her regular brand a short time later. I honestly couldn’t smell the cucumber and green tea scent the tub advertised. But, after using them, I could definitely tell a difference between these and other baby wipes.

One of the first things I noticed about them is they felt different than other wipes. Most baby wipes have a slimy feel to them (probably because of the lotion inside) that seems to stick to your fingers. These did not. They felt more like damp wash clothes.

So far, our daughter seems to like them. I’ve used them both while changing her diaper and just to clean her up after a particularly messy meal and, unlike with other brands of wipes, she doesn’t put up much of a fight. And, she does seem to be a bit more comfortable after using these than with our regular brand (especially now that it is hot outside and she sweats a lot).

Oh, I should also mention these wipes seem to do a better job cleaning her too. I can do as much with one of these wipes as I could with about three of our regular wipes.

Even more important is the fact they don’t irritate her skin. Again, we’ve had other brands (from well known companies) that would cause her to break out in a rash shortly after using them. I’m knocking on wood a bit but, so far, that has not happened with this particular product.

After trying the Huggies Naturally Refreshing baby wipes, I can honestly say I was impressed enough to buy them again. If you have a child who is still in diapers, I would recommend giving these a try.

Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

How I Was Introduced to Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes
I have been in the daycare business for 27 years, and have owned a licensed home daycare for 25 years. Believe me, I have seen many different baby wipes come and go, and have diapered more babies bottoms than I can count! I think these wipes are so superior that I wanted to let you all know about them!

What Makes Them “Natural”?

The makers of Huggies, The Kimberly-Clark Corporation, have really done a good job in making a baby wipe that is not only gentle to the skin (the cloth-like towelettes are very soft), but they contain ingredients that are also soothing and healing to the skin. Some wipes contain alcohol. Have you ever had a sore or rash on your body and applied alcohol to the area? I have, and it does NOT feel good. Imagine what a poor little baby feels when he has a diaper rash and is cleaned with wipes containing alcohol! I wouldn’t want that for my little one.

They contain purified water, aloe, and vitamin E. Most people are aware of the healing effects of aloe vera, and vitamin E is also a known healer, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Tests have shown that if you rub topical vitamin E on a sunburn it will greatly decrease the inflammation and redness.

Not Just for Diaper Changes

We use these wipes for many different things, such as keeping one in the RV for quick and easy clean ups. We’ve also found it very handy to have a package in the trunk of the car for those times when you need a quick clean up but don’t have access to water. You never know when you will need one. Last weekend my hubby was taking the garbage to our dumpster across our property, and it leaked garbage juice on his hands. We were heading to our favorite restaurant for our weekly scheduled Saturday morning breakfast – but instead of having to come home and wash his hands we whipped out the wipes and presto! (He did wash up again with soap and water at the restaurant, but they sure came in handy!)

I Love The Smell

These wipes have a light, pleasant odor to them. They have a mild, baby powder scent that I find appealing. I have used other wipes that claimed to be unscented, and they smelled terrible!! Some of the generic brands are this way. I was told that some manufacturers actually put a scent in their product to make it unscented, go figure! I love the smell of these, and the small amount of fragrance these contain have never irritated my daycare childrens bottoms.

You Can Recycle The Tubs

I really like the tubs that these wipes come in. They measure 8 1/2″ X 4 1/2″ and are 4″ tall. They have a groove in the top of the lid that makes for easy stacking of the containers. We use ours for all sorts of things, like holding crayons, leggos, little toy cars, crafts storage, hair scrunchies – the possibilities are endless. We have even used them for emergency kits – from a home made first aid kit to an automobile accessory that holds an extra flashlight, flares, candles, matches, etc. I really like them in my toy room because as I said, they stack very nicely and they are quite durable. The lids snap shut and stay shut. That’s another nice thing, since the lids stay so nice and tight, the wipes just don’t dry out on me (like some other brands have). With the labels removed, I have even used them as a cash box at our last garage sale!! How’s that for innovation!


I buy the 80 count size, because I use those containers for other things. The towelettes are nice and strong, they smell good, and they are gentle to the skin – NO alcohol! They may cost a bit more, but coupons are always available in the papers, and they are worth the extra money.

Huggies Wipes VS. Pamper’s Baby Wipes


Choices. There are so many when you have a baby. As a parent, it is up to you to decide what to use. There are many brands of baby wipes available, the main choices being between Huggies, and Pampers. Both offer different types of wipes.

Pampers offers baby wipes in a wide range of scents. You can choose from Calming Lavender, a scent to sooth your baby while changing their diaper, Unscented, Baby Fresh, which does not boast a very strong scent, Sensitive, for those babies with rash prone bottoms, or Skin Soothing Moisture Wipes for the baby with a dry bottom. All varieties are thin, and come in either a pop-up tub for easy dispensing, or refill packs. A tub of wipes runs approximately $2.50 at most stores. They do have coupons available, but usually not for very high amounts. Usually the coupons are for $0.25 off a refill pack of 210 wipes or more. Not the greatest savings.

The wipes are thin, and although the dispense easily enough, I found myself using on average 2 wipes for a wet bottom, and 6 or more for a dirty bottom. The dispenser top is an oval shaped opening. The wipes come out easily, and I never have problems with them breaking off inside the tub. They do not pick up poop well. Most of the scents they are available in are so mild, you can hardly smell them. They are very wet, so they do have that done right. Who wants to try and wipe a baby’s bottom clean with a piece of dry cloth? Pamper’s Baby Wipes make the already difficult task of diaper changing time even more difficult, because you have to spend more time trying to clean every crack and crevice. And most babies have a lot. I have found that Pamper’s baby wipes work wonders for cleaning the dash board of my car, and also as a make-up remover.

Huggies offers a multitude of options for baby wipes also. They are offered in Extra Sensitive, Supreme, Natural Care, Naturally Refreshing, Lavender amp; Chamomile, Shea Butter, and Nourishing. The tubs also run about $2.50. They are also pop-up tubs, and are available in refill packs and boxes. The wipes come in colorful tubs, and some even boast cute pictures of Disney Cartoon Characters, which is fun for the baby to look at while being changed, and helps keep them somewhat occupied.

All of the scented wipes smell great, with the exception of the Nourishing wipes, which are sold in a bright orange tub. They smell like pine sol and vinegar (at least to my husband and I). The other scents are definite nose-pleaser’s, and aid in keeping the choke factor to a minimum when changing a diaper filled with last nights spinach and broccoli puree. The wipes are big, and thick. When I get Huggies, I cut them in half. Half of one wipe will clean a wet bottom, and 1 1/2 wipes will clean a poopy bottom, thus decreasing the squirm time, and amount of poop clean up elsewhere. If you are a parent, you know what I am talking about. The one problem I have with the Huggies Wipes’ tubs, is the pop-up dispenser. The dispenser is a closed rubber like zig-zagging line. About every 3rd wipe gets cut off, and you have to open the lid, and re-insert them through the dispenser top. If it happens after a bottom is clean, it is not a big deal, but if it happens during the diaper change, it sucks. Huggies does offer coupons for their wipes. They are usually $1 off one tub, a much better deal than Pampers offers. Huggies Wipes also work well for the dash board wipe down, and many other cleaning purposes.

Hands down, Huggies wipes are a much better bottom cleaner. They get the job done faster and with less waste (no pun intended). You save more money with Huggies because you are using less, there are more wipes in the tubs, and the generally cost less money when purchased using coupons.

Hands down, Huggies wipes are much sturdier for diaper changes.