Cloth Wipes

I think it makes sense to use cloth wipes along with the diapers. An extra 5 seconds to rinse the wipes are nothing. They are thicker than disposable ones, and it is perfect because you avoid getting any poo on your hands. Even if they are white, they clean easily and you can use a spray bottle to moisten them just before changing. You can make any desired wipes solution with water, coconut oil, etc. Cloth wiping is awesome – quick, effective, nice, and soft on baby’s bottom.

The size is great for cleaning up big messes, you’ll only need one wipe even for the fullest diapers. They can be used not only during diaper changes, but also at bathtime, to wipe up small messes, and more. And when washed with the baby soap, they come out as clean as first purchased. So they are just easy if you will not over-accessorize and overthink it.

You can choose how to store your wipes. Dry wipes can be kept both in a disposable wipe box, or a drawer, or basket.  Pre-Moistened ones need to be stored in a tightly closed container. You can even use the warmers.  If you store wipes wet, you pour your wipe solution over your dry wipes and then store them for 2-3 days so mildew doesn’t occur.

You can easily check and choose all ingredients of the moistener. Just use Bottom Spray or other complex solutions, oils, and anything you like to moisten the wipes. You can even spray any chosen substance directly on the butt, and use it occasionally, just the messy ones when a wipe and water could use a little boost in power. One bottle will last for several months.

How many cloth wipes to buy? The answer depends on if you are using the wipes part-time or full time, but usually, you should have about 24, with them you will go through a couple days of diaper changes.  But you can buy less and if you will need more, just add.

So the cloth wipes are safe and cheap. They’ll save you money and time. You can put them in your cloth diaper laundry, so there are really no extra steps. They are cheap to purchase and last long.


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