Dude Wipes

Dude Wipes are convenient because they are flushable and portable. They are individually and come in the bigger package as well.

Dude Wipes are great for wiping your bass on the go and for hiking. Put these in bathrooms and you will love them. Yes, they are similar to Cottonelle wipes but for the guys is easier to use them if they have large “DUDE” written on them 🙂

I’ve used Mangroomer Biz Wipes, baby wipes, and Dude Wipes, overall all they do the job but there are some key differences. Baby wipes have the largest size, but usually come in scented versions, Dude wipes have neutral fresh. I don’t like heavy scents and Dude ones are the best for me. Baby wipes are larger and cost less than Dude Wipes but what guy wants to admit he uses baby wipes?

The travel pack is convenient for the car or for when you get caught without anything to use. The ability to toss a few of them in your backpack means you have got what you need wherever you are. They could also be used to clean up a small spill or clean your hands after a meal and they are flushable.

The large disposal pack is for home usage. The wipes are very dense and moist as for a flushable. They also work all over the body. It is also a quick way to freshen up before dinner. They easily and with no problem flush down the toilet. They really do come in handy. Dude wipes are not just for “Dudes”! They don’t leave a sticky feeling or residual odor and are great for just about everything. You may use them for wiping off the face, getting off lotion, and things like that. You wouldn’t know how useful they are until you’ve had them lying around for those annoying little things. May be you’ll need few antibacterial wipes in addition.

The only problems I have found are the tissue style bag/container or whatever it is that you can grab one out at a time, you have to struggle to grab the top wipe. But the single packets are simply the best. Great product.

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  1. These are great! They’re not scented which is great, because that means no alcohol is in them. Which will dry your skin out. I have used them from top to bottom. In the military we called it “the baby wipe bath.” However if you just need to wipe your face, these are great for that. Or take camping, keep in your vehicle, or a B.O.B. The only thing I have to say that may be a tad negative is I think they could use some more moisture in them. I think they’re a tad bit on the dry side. That’s just my opinion.

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