Wipes for Women

1. Face, Micellar, Makeup Remover Wipes

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Micellar wipes for the skincare are moistened with micelles – tiny balls of oil molecules suspended in specially prepared water. It attracts to makeup, dirt, and oil, so they are effectively drawn out with a wipe without drying out the skin. Micellar wipes simultaneously remove makeup, wash a face, and moisture the skin. The wipes are especially good as a beauty travel product in camping, vacationing, or places where the water is not easily accessible because they can remove makeup without leaving oil behind. Micellar wipes are recommended for people with sensitive and dry skin types because they are so hydrating and gentle, do not contain alcohol and never stings. It’s like having an eye makeup remover and makeup removing wipes working together.

Of course, Micellar cleansing water is more convenient as a makeup remover and daily cleanser, but sometimes it is a bit of a hassle to transport. Micellar wipes are perfect, they are travel-friendly and although they are a little more drying on skin and soapier, they do the job of Micellar cleansing water on-the-go. You will like to bring these when you travel, they will make your life much easier.

2. Eyelid Wipes

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Eyelid wipes are cleaning wipes that are gentle and convenient for your daily hygiene regime.  They are detergent free and preservative, have hydrating and repairing skin agents. Eyelid wipes will help you with itchy eyes and are great to get rid of morning crud. They are refreshing, provide a cleansing agent with lubricants, and clean eye makeup very well.

We recommend Systane Eyelid Cleansing Wipes, they are very soft, and have the perfect ratio of cloth to moisture. They don’t feel stingy even if you open your eyes while fully lathered. These wipes get the job done without irritating eyes and surrounding skin. The eyelid cleansing wipes remove makeup excellently and are excellent for the eyelashes if you want your eyelids really clean or have blepharitis. They are also individually wrapped and convenient for travel.

3. Feminine Wipes

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Feminine wipes are made especially for intimate areas. They help you to maintain freshness and cleanliness without negative influence on the pH balance around the delicate skin. You can use feminine wipes to keep things clean when you want to freshen up and don’t have time to shower up. Feminine wipes help to maintain a hygiene to prevent the odor, discomfort, itching, and bacterial infection of the private parts.

The best feminine wipes are specifically-formulated, alcohol-, glycerin-, and fragrance-free. They may help to limit pH disruptions in the vagina and do not dry out the sensitive skin. Out of home, the wipes can work better than the actual wash. The wash left you dry, but feminine wipes are nothing like that. They are sensitive and leave you fresh until you can get home and shower.

We recommend Summer’s Eve feminine wipes. Summer’s Eve has focused on feminine freshness since 1972 and is the leader in feminine hygiene. Eve Wipes are well packaged for travel purposes. It is nice to have the wipes on hand for post workouts if you can’t take a shower right away. Not just for the intimate area, but for anywhere you need a quick cleanup. They are gentle with a light nice scent, very soothing and provide a fresh fragrance.

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